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Identifying Parts of A Citation
by Kate Brittain - Last Updated Sep 13, 2016
This guide will help students to determine what identifying information should go on citation pages for most citation styles. Template courtesy of St. Anselm College. Used with permission.
Tags: apa, citation, citing, english, mla, sources
Information Literacy - A Step by Step Guide
by Kate Brittain - Last Updated Sep 13, 2016
This guide will help students to understand what information is useful for their research papers, as well as provide a step-by-step guide for the use of that information.
Tags: citations, english, google, online, paper, references, research, resources
Nash Community College Seed Library
by Kate Brittain, Deana Guido, Cati Montgomery - Last Updated May 31, 2017
The Nash Community College Library now has a seed lending program! The new seed library provides seeds that are "checked out," taken home and grown. Once plants are harvested, some seed is saved and returned to library to be "checked in."
NC Veterans Resources
by Kate Brittain, Michael Stallings - Last Updated Jan 30, 2017
A listing of resources for veterans who may be attending Nash Community College or a member of the surrounding communities
Tags: afghanistan, air force, army, assistance, information, intervention, iraq, marines, mental health, military, navy, ptsd, traumatic brain injury, veterans
NCLive LibGuide with 2015 Changes
by Kate Brittain - Last Updated Sep 13, 2016
This LibGuide will assist users in easily viewing and navigating all NCLive Content. Patrons can simply move from tab to tab to see content in various subject areas, or use the master links on the home page. For assistance, please call (252) 451-8248.
Tags: citation, citing, find, information, journals, magazines, nclive, peer-reviewed, periodicals, research, sources
Reading for Pleasure and Recreation
by Kate Brittain - Last Updated Sep 13, 2016
Links in this LibGuide help the reader to discover books for reading for pleasure and recreation. Books of all types, and ways to interact with them, are available from a multitude of sources.
Tags: audiobooks, books, ebooks, fiction, fun, novels, pleasure, readers, reading, recreation, social media
Spare Parts - Nash Reads
by Kate Brittain - Last Updated Sep 13, 2016
This page is a one-stop shop for information associated with the Nash Reads 2015 book, Spare Parts.
Tags: arizona, bullying, competition, deportation, discrimination, english, high school, hispanic, immigrants, immigration, mexico, non-fiction, recycling, robotics, robots, science, students, teachers, teams, teamwork, undocumented, upcycling
Suicide Crisis Assistance for Veterans
by Kate Brittain - Last Updated Sep 13, 2016
Resources for Veterans to go to find help if they or someone they know is considering suicide.
Tags: afghanistan, air force, army, assistance, crisis, depression, help, intervention, iraq, marines, military, navy, pain, prevention, ptsd, sexual assault, soldiers, suicide, tbi, traumatic brain injury, veterans
Writing, Grammar, and Research Guide
by Kate Brittain, Kristin Harkins, Holly Whistler - Last Updated Apr 6, 2017
A collection of writing and research resources for students at Nash Community College
Tags: apa, citation, citing, composition, english, grammar, mla, plagiarism, read, research, sources, write, writing